Facilities for membrane production and filter cleaning

FTT (FilaTech Technology GmbH) can draw on 30 years of experience as a supplier of facilities for producing hollow-fibre membranes and cleaning metallic filters. It develops and delivers these facilities worldwide to customers in diverse sectors.

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FTT's laboratory, pilot and production facilities cover the entire range of applications involving hollow-fibre membranes - from medical membranes for blood dialysis, through water treatment and gas separation, right up to special applications of all kinds for research organizations and industrial customers. FTT is a successful, global leader in this technological field. The spinning-facility portfolio is complemented up to the final-product stage by facilities for constructing filters from hollow-fibre membranes.

Modern test and pilot facilities as well as laboratory-analysis systems are available in this area for own process developments as well as specific product developments and raw-material investigations on the customer's behalf.

Cleaning technology for metallic filters is designed mainly for customers in the areas of plastics production and processing as well as the chemical industry, and is recognized as a leader in this global market sector too.

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